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Hey, just done watching I noticed that the Calva debugger is missing a red outline around the debugged form:


Is it this one? (If it isn’t exactly that one, please add this as a comment there.)


See for how it is supposed to look.


Seems to be this. I just noticed it in your talk that the debugged fn doesn’t get decorated 🙂


Haha, I noticed that too. While rehearsing, so I could pretend I didn’t see it during the talk. 😃


@U04V5VAUN Where did you see the red outline in the image you sent above? I don't think Calva's decorations ever looked like that, but I think Cider's do/have. And yeah, unfortunately the decorations have been buggy lately. The issue is just not as high of a priority for me as some other issues since it's mostly just a visual nicety. I do intend to fix it eventually though, and I welcome help if anyone wants to.


My :cojureD talk about Calva is now published on YouTube, friends. Please share it around!

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In the Q&A after that presentation I get a question about where you can buy the t-shirt. Now you can. See

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So awesome!