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Any ideas why “requiring” my namespaces is so slow for me in the repl? using (require '[some.namespace]) can take around 800ms for a namespace that isn’t that big and doesn’t require any other files other than external libs


That’s probably a question for #clojure, unless it’s very slow in Cursive and fast in a normal REPL.

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starting my whole project in the REPL takes over a minute

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:06:20

one thing you can try is to add :verbose true to your require - that will dump each ns as it loads. if one namespace is particularly slow (mostly commonly due to heavy macro usage), you can often just spot it by eyeball


in the Cursive REPL, whenever a huge datastructure is printed,the keybinding for “Interrupt Current Evaluation” doesn’t work for me. The keybinding does work in the eval phase, and with mouse click I can stop the printing as well. anybody have seen this?