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Is there a list of user created templates using clj-new? I'm looking for a full stack template with ring/reitit/integrant on the backend run through deps.edn and reagent/re-frame ran through shadow-cljs on the frontend. I found some repos from but wanted to see if I could get my own similar app started with clj-new


@chase-lambert In the readme, under Templates there are links to searches on Clojars for templates.


Remember that you can use clj-new to create projects from lein templates as well as clj templates — but you would likely end up with project.clj instead of deps.edn and you’d have to convert the project yourself.


Compared to Leiningen, this is still all a bit new, so there are only 30 clj templates listed on Clojars right now.


shadow-cljs seems to be “its own thing” for frontend stuff — looking at its doc page I see almost no mention of either project.clj/`lein` or deps.edn/CLI. I know you can use Figwheel Main with the CLI and deps.edn. And obviously you can build your backend with the CLI/`deps.edn`.


Thanks for the guidance. I'm leaning towards just starting from absolute scratch and actually learning my tools here. I will explore Figwheel Main, I haven't tried that yet. I know shadow cljs "just works" with my editor (nvim + conjure) but I'm sure I can get the same with Figwheel Main and then I get to use deps.edn to run all of it huh?


Yeah, I am dabbling in cljs again these days — after a long break — and I felt Shadow was too npm-heavy for my tastes, so I liked the streamlined approach of Figwheel Main and was able to get up and running with the CLI / deps.edn on that, just following the docs, without a template.


Side question as I am rolling my own, clj-new provides a pom.xml file. I'm gathering from skimming the docs that this is if I was planning on submitting to clojars? (I'm not)


@chase-lambert Right, pom.xml files are only needed if you plan to deploy a library to Maven/Clojars.


(and it is not needed if you are building an app rather than a library)