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Yeah, I read that and laughed.


Good Morning Fellow Clojurists!


Also, remember yak shaving it’s just for programmers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be researching photographic subjects in Shropshire, in order to occupy 3 hours waiting for a protective cover to be moulded for my bike, in order to justify a trip to Shropshire to make my bike sufficiently robust for it’s intended nature, in order for me to enjoy my bike worry free…

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Did you ever finish your photography ideas app?


Actually, no. However, the project did serve it’s other intended purpose of allowing me to learn ELM + Phoenix / Elixir. My takeaways from it were: 1. I really really like ELM 2. I would happily use Phoenix for a simple to medium sized project, and would choose it over Ruby On Rails. 3. I think Phoenix’s frameworks are somewhat constraining for large projects where concepts like DDD work really well. For these projects, a more flexible architecture is more beneficial than initial project startup development speed.. I did start to recode the application about 4 months ago in CLJ/CLJS (Re-Frame) using Luminus, but I can’t share links to the MVP yet as I’ve not got around to implementing authentication yet.


I have an unread Elm book facepalm


@U064B4L0K allie||steel bikes will take a proper beating 😬


Steel will take a beating, but thin fat tubed aluminium less so when hit with ~ 2kg rocks. I can’t find the photo but a chap on my bike’s FB owners group broke his 1 week old frame due to such impact.


This is what I’m looking to have mounded for my specific frame ->


It’ll somewhat absorb and dissipate impact, and somewhat protect against tube punctures.


i've got a large (non-punctured) dent in my allie downtube from a full-weight rock impact from below... it's been fine. no doubt positioning helps - the down-tube is mostly in tension, if it were a tube commonly in compression then it would probably not have worked out so well. i think it would have been the end of a carbon frame, but i guess there are many specific scenarios which different materials will weather better


What bike do you have?


I’ve recently bought a Bird Aether 9 (before it winning the MBUK Trail Bike of the Year Award and thus can claim I ordered it whilst it was still cool 😆).


i've got a canyon spectral from '18... but next time i buy i'll be looking very closely at the british options - bird and cotic spring to mind


The Canyon’s nice, it’s amazing to think it’s geometry is ‘a bit old’ when a bike’s only 4 years old, but that’s the way mtbing is going. I’ve only ridden my Bird 3 times so I can’t comment on reliability etc, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s massively long and stable, I can’t wait to take it to Eastridge to get it on super steep terrain…


The Cotic’s are lovely too, similar if a bit shorter.


i think canyon were always a bit on the conservative side with their geometry... you should have seen my old (c.1999) bike tho 🙂 - the change was phenomenal


Yeah, Canyon did come from the dark side (read lycra wearing side)… However, I think the Sender would be the DH bike I’d get if I had the money….

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Good Morning™