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Hey everyone, Pitch is building presentation software which doesn't offend user's eyes or heads... It's pretty, it's simple, it's offline first, and it's entirely built on top of AWS with Clojure, ClojureScript, re-frame and a sprinkling of the usual suspects around the stack. About us - we are a fully remote company of 100 people from across the world. As a company, we have money in the bank ($50 million in Series A), and are continuing to grow sustainably into a product our users love, and that we love to build. Teams follow their own protocols on how they organise themselves, and you have a lot of flexibility in figuring out a way to work that suits everyone, you included. You know what's coming next.. we're looking for developers across the stack! Given we're such a rich client, we're especially keen to talk to you frontenders out there, and there's an incredibly strong team of like-minded developers who would love to have you as their colleague. We are recruiting worldwide, although the majority of the team is active around GMT/CET timezones. To give you a flavour of what could be on your plate - we're building new presentation experiences (webRTC audio / video recording & broadcast), smart design tools, realtime collaboration, a cross-platform offline-first desktop app, and all the infrastructure that supports this, in the client and on the server. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions (I'm a dev on one of the teams), or if you would prefer, get you on the fast track to talk with our friendly, no-pressure recruitment team. Our lines are open, and thanks for reading.

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Clubhouse Software is looking for a This will be your opportunity to work on a high caliber Clojure Team creating software for other Engineers. You will have ample opportunity to develop and create in a challenging yet collaborative environment. We are looking for Mid-Senior level Engineers (US Only) with experience who have shipped features or products for end-users in Clojure. Bonus Points if you've worked with Datomic as well. Please email <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> for immediate consideration.

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