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Toyam Cox09:02:34

I've been wandering through the there an ability to listen for changes to a query, or did I make that up?


There's (crux/listen node ...), which notifies you of incoming transactions - is that what you were thinking of?


We did also spike a 3df integration at one stage:


I literally joined #crux to ask this question 😂 well done

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@U899JBRPF are there plans to integrate/stabilize more of the differential dataflow approach?


There are no plans on the near-term horizon, unfortunately. It's a very interesting problem space but we think it's ~orthogonal to building a fast OLTP-capable DBMS (at least with the R&D capacity we have today, anyway)

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I see, that's a pragmatic response and I like it. Is there anything else in the clojure world that's attempting to embrace the differential dataflow approach? (I'm unfamiliar with clojure DBs); maybe datomic?

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I've not seen anyone attempt to recreate Differential's tricks in Clojure, but there are various rule engines that offer somewhat similar features, e.g.


amazing suggestions, both naga and o'Doyle! Thanks 🙌

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Toyam Cox04:02:22

I use destructuring maps in function signatures so I know what parts of a map I want to use, for whatever that's worth