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eccentric J14:02:36

Can one run bb scripts in a GitHub action? Or would circleci be a better choice?


You surely can. There is even an action to install bb:

🎉 3

Although installing bb is nothing more than just downloading the binary and unzipping it


@jayzawrotny check clojure-lsp GH action, we run bb to test integration tests 🙂


that action doesn't support windows yet, but I opened an issue there about that


that’s cool. What are you planning to do, @jayzawrotny?

eccentric J20:02:47

Hah it’s actually going to be pretty boring but Right now for each icon I’m taking a .png, and manually creating a .iconset at various sizes, and a .ico. I’m curious what it would take to take a single png for each icon and generate all that.

eccentric J20:02:57

The plan is to try for the image resizing with bb and possibly translate into bb Clojure as well.


I'm pretty sure that lib won't work with bb since bb doesn't have all the classes necessary. I think this would be an ideal candidate for a pod or you could shell out to some CLI programs to do it.


e.g. imagemagick

eccentric J20:02:38

Ah well that saves me some trouble. Thanks!


It would be cool to have some image utility pod maybe, but I'm not up to date what's the best tool / programming language for that. Maybe you could podify the imagez lib itself, if you feel like


And then we could put it in the registry

eccentric J20:02:46

Worth a shot, plus shifts the project from being 100% selfish to something potentially useful.


I think the buddy pod is probably a good starting pod, as it's fairly similar


in terms of doing things with bytes


but shelling out to some CLI is totally reasonable too, so don't feel pressured!


have you seen the ffmpeg babashka video someone recently made?

eccentric J20:02:00

I heard of it but haven’t watched it, I’ll look it up. It sounds useful to know how to put a pod together so I can at least explore that direction and see what happens.


yeah that one is not about a pod, he just shells out, very simply


basically how you would do it in bash

eccentric J20:02:34

Right, I wrote something kind of in that vein yesterday It generates a .zip of the main icon files, shells out to zip but uses fs for everything else.


ah, zip is one of those things that bb can do btw. but it's probably more convenient to shell out, since there's not really a nice fn for it, you can do it using the interop with


at least the unzipping, don't know even if it can zip