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just curious how did everyone learn datalog ?

danieroux11:02:56 if you have not seen it. And there is some information in here too, and obviously Datomic focussed:


I went through learndatalog today, but beyond that and a few blog posts mainly from tonsky there is not much out there, I have not looked at day of datomic


Seems it is used by some large companies so curious how they got that expertise in the first place courses books word of mouth other resources ?


A lot of stuff under "Semantic Web" but there's a lot of cerry picking required, RDF , SPARQL etc


surprised there is not more out there considering there are quite a few dbs using datalog, but yeah cherry picking bits here and there is how I have been picking it up


Prerequisites are "" (wikipedia page there is decent) and "declarative programming" (not linking to wikipedia because it's way off the academic subject).


these all seem quite low level but perhaps hand to have a look over


not the same as googling sql date ranges and getting query examples on how to build the query's which is perhaps more what I was hoping for


Read the first link I pasted, with patience, it's the main thing, and it's accessible.


But all this is the internals, if you're more into user/pragma I second learndatalogtoday & datomic docs (and learn by building something).


okay will do cheers for the links 🙂


@UU67HFS2X if it’s not too forward to post my own talk, I feel pretty good about sending people here as an intro:


Some specific topics are covered and discussed at and that I had not found eg in the official Datomic docs.


your youtube video is what got me investigating datascript its very nicely done and tonsky's stuff really helped early on


I also liked your rest video, looked neat the flow you had working with the api's but there was not much on the librarys your using to achieve that or demo project so I was never sure how to set it up


regardless make more videos they are really well done 🙂

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The ÈQL apis were using and I’m a big fan of for building production-ready stuff with these ideas.


funny I have been watching some fulcro videos so will be exploring it at some point :)


I get most of the basics but when it gets to aggregates joins multiple databases the amount of information online seems very limited, are there books on the subject which people have used ?

Braden Shepherdson16:02:02

the Datomic documentation has some details on aggregates, DataScript has a similar API for those. multiple databases is a fairly esoteric thing; most usage has only one and it's just implicitly part of :where clauses.

Braden Shepherdson16:02:13

but you can pass in two databases, capture them as :in $ $other and then do :where [$ ?a :some/prop ?b] [$other ?c :other/prop ?b]

Braden Shepherdson16:02:35

(speaking generally about Datalog; I don't actually know how well-supported that is in DataScript.)


I did try something like that in datascript, mainly to insert a generated range into a query


but that's the thing is that the best way I don't know and the more complex the query's get the less info I am finding