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Hi there long time no see 😄 I have a question, I have something like {:image_descriptors [{:image_id "9ab5f0ec-cbe0-4cb1-bf5b-f178a7522693", :image_caption "teat"}]} And I want to convert keys to kebab and transform the image-id with a custom str->clj Is it possible to achieve that in one shot with multi-transform? I cannot seem to have it working cause specter/MAP-KEYS gives me:

(specter/multi-transform [specter/MAP-KEYS (specter/terminal utils/->memo-kebab-case-keyword)]
  {:image_descriptors [{:image_id "9ab5f0ec-cbe0-4cb1-bf5b-f178a7522693", :image_caption "teat"}]}) 

=> {:image-descriptors [{:image_id "9ab5f0ec-cbe0-4cb1-bf5b-f178a7522693", :image_caption "teat"}]}