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hi @goomba thanks, yeah I also asked this in #clojurescript where David Nolen pointed me in the right direction. TLDR; switching from :target :bundle back to ‘normal’ can leave things in a confusing state where reagent on compilation time seems to want to use react from node_modules rather than from the place it normally gets it from


so it was solved by removing all bundling stuff, :install-deps explicitly to false, removing the node_modules dir (also on circle ci which had that cached….)

Lone Ranger09:10:05

Ohhhhh good call

Christopher Stone17:10:06

Regarding my initial question, I am finding it very difficult to access the leaflet methods from the atom, can you please provide a way, not only of how to create said atom but also how to access methods stored inside that atom, the code I have written uses another component that has a input postcode box that when submitted, converts the postcode to longitude and latitude. I would like this component to then fly to that location on the map... If I can help it, I don't really want to have to deal with lifecycle methods or classes and would much rather use JavaScript interop, thanks a lot peeps.


A good starting point would be to share your code in a very simplified version and then someone will pick it up from there.. I think you won't be that lucky to find someone willing to write a full example from scratch 🙂