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Ok, so... I was looking at VSCode API for Clover, and I believe I have good news. It's possible to register "tasks", and they can be registered dynamically. Also, you can register keybindings to tasks. so this means that the newer version of Clover will be able to be almost as configurable as Chlorine!

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Nice! So the whole cljs config thing from Chlorine could be ported over to Clover/VS Code?


Yes, exactly! It's possible that it can be literally copy-pasted, without needing to adapt code between versions


This means that it's dotfiles friendly too


If all my customizations for Atom/Chlorine can work on VS Code/Clover, I would probably switch to VS Code 🙂


I'm happy to do early testing if/when you think Clover is ready -- will it have the same "editor" API that Chlorine has?


Yes, that's the idea. In fact, I believe that the editor API is already working, I just need to wire some callbacks to VSCode