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Александр Стоянов07:10:21

Hello! Can someone help me? Try to build a table and wrote this: [:div {:id "table"} [:table {:style "width:100%"} [:thead [:tr [:th "Name"] [:th "Gender"] [:th "Birth date"] [:th "Address"] [:th "OMS"]]] [:tbody [:tr [:td "a"] [:td "b"] [:td "c"] [:td "d"] [:td "e"]]] ] ] In browser's console i get The above error occurred in the <table> component: in table (created by grump2.views.main_panel) in div (created by grump2.views.main_panel)

Lucy Wang07:10:51

you should at least paste the content of "the above error" here.

Александр Стоянов07:10:14

There's very long logtrace. Am i need to put that here?


We need not the mention of "the above error", but the error itself. Which should be, well, above. A summary of the error should be sufficient. You can still paste the whole stacktrace by using the text snippet feature of Slack.

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I didn't check it but my current guess is that strings in :style are not supported. You can try replacing "width:100%" with {:width "100%"}.