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Hi folks. Glad to have found out about Babashka, because it seems a wonderfully useful tool. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it!


Thanks @duncan540 - welcome!

Jeff Evans16:10:00

Hello all. I checked out master and tried to run tests with: script/test, and got this: Could not locate sci/impl/namespaces__init.class, sci/impl/namespaces.clj or sci/impl/namespaces.cljc on classpath. Is this a known thing? Using OpenJDK 11 in case that matters

Jeff Evans16:10:44

I actually did forget to that on git clone, and tried to do the “later on” version of git submodule update --recursive, but that didn’t seem to fix it

Jeff Evans16:10:47

I can wipe and restart


Maybe git pull --recurse-submodules also works