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Thomas Moerman10:10:32

Guys, opinion question: In my current project we use Pathom with Crux db. Now, as there is no "ORM" layer of sorts, and some subsystems (non-UI) require complex data resolution, it appears to me that you could use Pathom as well in that context instead of only as a means to feed the UI front-end. What do you guys think of this? Suggestions?


Hello @U052A8RUT I see #pathom as something like a "ORM" inside clojure way to program It's stable layer there I can ask "give me the user/address" and it will get in DB, FancyDB, Cache, HTTP, I can chage the DB schema, store data in a new format and still provide the same user/address. I use pathom to manage REST API's and SSR pages at my work. I "export" my endpoints with something like that:

Thomas Moerman12:10:32

Thanks, i'll have a look soon 👍


@U052A8RUT, yes, I don't see pathom as a API thing, but as a way to do "attribute modeling", which is the idea to create data processing mechanisms based on the attribute relationships


that wasn't what Pathom was made intiially for, but its where its landing, the new docs reflect this vision better, hope to get that out soon

Thomas Moerman14:10:00

I agree completely, I have the feeling that Pathom implements such a fundamental idea that we are still "discovering" ways in which we can use it.

Thomas Moerman15:10:01

It sometimes reminds me of the Star Trek transporter, in need of some piece of data? -> energize! there it is! 😉

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