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Michelle Lim05:10:09

does anyone use react navigation with reagent/re-frame?

Michelle Lim22:10:40

oh those are very cool examples, thanks guys. have you been able to incorporate the nav transition animations? (ie. slide)


@elle yes, we do that at my work project.

Michelle Lim06:10:48

are there any good starting resources or articles you would recommend?


It was in place when I started. One of the guys who implemented it (who’s no longer with the company) made an example project, though:


It's based on a re-natal scaffold, but I think the general setup should be applicable.

Michelle Lim18:10:11

oh ok, thanks. we are using krell. i saw this repo, but it's a bit older. how is it working out for you guys?


We want to move to Krell as well. One of these days…. re-frame and react-navigation are treating us well.