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Elias Elfarri12:07:09

re-frame: no :event handler registered for: fetch-data-handler

Elias Elfarri12:07:23

how do i use an event handler that i've moved to another folder?

Elias Elfarri12:07:40

it seems to not know that it exists


You have to require that new ns somewhere.

Elias Elfarri12:07:37

whats odd is that i require it and even use some other event handlers from it, but for some reason it is unable to recognize that one. The others work fine.


Can't really say anything without the code.

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Felipe Marques22:07:48

Hi, everyone, how are you doing? I was digging some aspects of re-frame and I found this post of lambda-island, saying that after v0.9.0 it is ok to do:

(defn toggle-all-checkbox []
   [:input {:type "checkbox"
            :checked @(subscribe [:todos/all-complete?])}]
   [:label {:for "toggle-all"} "Mark all as complete"]])
And I was wondering if it would be ok to do something like this:
(defn toggle-all-checkbox [user-id]
  (let [todo-lists @(subscribe [:todos/list user-id])
        all-complete-list (mapv (fn [{:keys [id]}]
                                  {:id id
                                   :all-complete? @(subscribe [:todos/all-complete? id]}) 
      /* do something with it */    
Basically, I would like to know if it is ok to subscribe to something based on the results of another subscription. Does it make sense? Or am I missing something?