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Chris McCormick03:07:43

Hi all, this is perhaps a strange request, so please let me know if it does not belong in #remote-jobs. I'm seeking a Clojure coach. I would like to pay somebody for maybe 3 to 5 hrs of their time at whatever their hourly rate is. I'm looking for somebody to review some of my codebases and then do a few interactive video sessions with me to go over the code and give me tips, show me where things could be improved and how. You should ideally have a great deal of Clojure experience and have significantly contributed to Clojure/Script itself or one of the popular libraries in the ecosystem. About me: I'm an independent computer programmer who spends most of my time working on fun projects like and and micro-SaaS experiments. Here's my to give you an idea. I'm building mainly in ClojureScript now and my stack is generally Reagent on the front end and Node/Express (via cljs) on the back end and shadow-cljs for build. I am happy with this stack, so mainly looking for tutelage on my use of the language itself (it's fine if your stack is completely different, as long as you are experienced with Clojure). Please email me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> if you are interested. Thanks for your consideration! 🙏


Reagent? Here is a nice phat example app: That ^^^ is the CLJS+Reagent version of this JS + #Matrix app: hth

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Someone like Eric Normand would be a great fit for you I think- it may be hard to convince him to do it but worth trying

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I second this notion. @U050P0ACR would be great if he has the availability.

Chris McCormick00:07:25

Thanks for the replies all, I'll be in contact with those who emailed etc. 👍

Martynas M04:07:17

I watched three or more and I think I didn't see this one yet. Thanks. Unfortunately he doesn't have a playlist and it's luck if you find a review. :thinking_face:


I can offer a peer-review without payment. So I hope I can learn sth. from you and I'm quite sure that I can also add some value. One of our projects:

Chris McCormick13:08:36

@U3LRXRAT0 thank you for the offer will DM you.

Miki Goyal13:07:37

Hey all... Reify Health continues to grow and scale! We are making big strides in the automation and implementation of clinical trials. We have many amazing clinical trials being run across the globe AND our customers love our product. We are continuing to invest in new product lines and looking for Clojure engineers of all skill levels (Staff, Senior, Software Engineers) to join the mission. We are hiring 100% remote Clojure engineers in the US, England, Brazil, Canada, and Germany. Reach out to me or checkout our careers page if you are interested!