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As a follow-on to the source lib question, here's an interesting quandary: for the new CLI/`deps.edn` stuff, you can specify {:git/tag "v1.2.3" :git/sha "1a2b3c4"} as a coordinate and it verifies the tag and the SHA match in the repo. However, you can't know the SHA until something has been committed, which means that documentation for such tools always need to be updated after-the-fact... which means that if cljdoc imports the GH repo based on the tag in the pom.xml in the JAR (is that what it does?) then it's going to pull in the older documentation...

seancorfield22:07:13 I'm guessing that using a commit SHA in pom.xml in the JAR is "better" since it can specify the SHA after the documentation update and that's what cljdoc will use to fetch stuff from GH? (it seems clojars makes this assumption too -- I've noticed that since I started using <tag>v1.2.3<tag> in the SCM info in my pom.xml files, clojars link to "with this commit" is broken because it assumes it will be a SHA).


I'm trying to follow through the logic in cljdoc and it looks like the project version (`1.2.3` in the above) is used to override what's in the pom.xml file...?