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Whenever I Refresh (two rounded arrows) Clojure Deps I lose all the directories that have previously been marked as source. Is there a way to make my intentions stick?


Yes, you need to ensure that they’re declared in your deps.edn file. Then they’ll be restored on every refresh.


Oh thanks, that makes sense. I'm experimenting with Polylith and there's a lot of 'declaring in your deps.edn file' required.


Oh, I see - I actually have a couple of improvements scheduled for the next release cycle which are for Polylith

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Like auto-adding source directories to the development (root level) deps.edn file perhaps? Every time a new component this needs to be done. The polylith tool could do this itself but for the moment it doesn't. Personally I wish it did. So if you add a new component called database (`clj -M:poly create component name:database`) make sure this string: "components/database/src" is in [:aliases :dev :extra-paths].


Hmm, I’m not sure about that - that sounds like it might be a change better placed in Polylith itself, the issue I’m looking at is It sounds like it might be related, but I don’t understand polylith well enough to be sure. I haven’t used it myself.


I'm pretty sure he means 'not show up in blue' rather than 'not show up in green'. I think what's being said is that Cursive doesn't recognise extra-deps properly. It should be able to read from extra-deps and make the UI show the blue for the src directories.


Yes my wish is definitely for the Polylith tool. With Cursive as it currently is this would mean auto-adding to extra-paths. But with the Cursive bug fixed auto-adding to extra-deps instead.


(By the way a component is a brick).