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Vincent Cantin06:07:40

I would like to make a data query from the front end to the backend where; • data A is resolved, • then based on A, derive a boolean value (same as the condition in a if) which will branch between either resolve data B or data C. (B and C are of totally different types) Is it possible to do something like that inside 1 EQL query?

Vincent Cantin07:07:59

I found something close, I will try it tomorrow.


optional inputs is another way to handle that


hello all, how do I solve this?

(let [data "18/07/2021"]
     ['{(:cursos-alura {:dt-inicio data :dt-fim data}) [:email :termino :curso :esforco :nome]}]))
I got dt-inicio and dt-fim nil in resolver?


The issue is that you’re using ' instead of backquote. It should look like:

[`{(:cursos-alura {:dt-inicio ~data :dt-fim ~data}) [:email :termino :curso :esforco :nome]}]


notice that you use the ~ to escape the quoting


@U2U78HT5G You are the best, thank you, you saved my day

🎉 2