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Hi I am new to re-frame, can someone recommend best practices how to structure state.


Have you read re-frame documentation?


I will try to rephrase the question our state is organized by namespaced keywords, so it is sort of organized by folder structure. So I might be asking also how to structure re-frame projects. Valid answer for that is depends on what are you building. So that should imply, my question is rather. If there are some good example of well structured re-frame application?


I don't think so since it will all be subjective anyway. E.g. re-frame docs use the "split views/events/subs/whatever into their own namespaces" approach. I find it annoying, I prefer grouping code by functionality.

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I don't really think re-frame should affect any decision on how to organize your project. For me, that question would just become "how to organize any web UI project". Which sounds even more vague. :)


yeah that probably speaks for strength of the re-frame, still trying to orient myself. Thanks for the answer it was helpful.🙂

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I wrote some stuff the other day that goes into some stuff about what state you can avoid putting in re-frame db

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