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Hello!'re looking for contractors with professional Clojure experience to join our team, and help us build the next version of our content creator platform. Think TikTok built for creators, by creators! We're a relatively small startup with a passionate team, and we've recently completed a funding round, which gives us a decent runway to take a really good crack at this problem. We're building a green-field backend service that will serve the needs of our mobile app (we have a dedicated mobile team who are building the frontend) and the creators/fans who use it. We're fully remote and have team members all around the world! We value simplicity and boring tech, high emotional intelligence, and building awesome products our customers love. All our code is hosted on GitHub, we communicate asynchronously where it makes sense, we jump on a Meet when that's better, and we collaborate on design. We like to have fun too, and try to strike the right balance between hammock time, shipping, learning, and joking around. We have a slew of interesting problems to solve, including scaling to millions of users (some of our creators have 1e6 followers), security (we're monetising this platform, and people care about paying their bills), and safety (our platform is suitable for work, and some people miss the mark with the videos they upload). Currently our tech stack is running on the AWS environment, where we're automating deployment of our new backend using Clojure, Pedestal and Lacinia, with some PostgreSQL and Redis. We are exploring Kafka and Cassandra as well. If you're familiar with any or all of the tech stack above, or if you've solved problems like the ones mentioned above before, we'd love to chat! You can reach me here on slack and apply at


Hey! Looking for a remote :flag-eu:Clojure developer, Europe based for a long term freelance contract. Tech Stack: Backend Clojure, Big Data [Hadoop/Kafka], Cloud Infra [Cloud competencies are not a must, this can be easily learnt], Some Java Legacy Code > this is being rewritten in Clojure, A little ClojureScript too on the FE but nothing major… FE competencies aren’t a must. Ping me a DM if you’re interested 😁