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Michaël Salihi00:02:34

Hi! I am pleased to announce that my first Clojure library is out! 🎉 With this lib I tried to embrace the concept of Clojure (composability, separation of concerns), so it does one things: Get an available TCP port with some options. :)

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Fixed a bug in my implementation of the Aho Corasick algorithm (ironically it was caused because I forgot to remove debug code), useful for fast string matching

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New is out 0.1.6 * adds body-handler read timeout support

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Darrick Wiebe16:02:43

I just pushed the first release of Pure Conditioning, a purely functional, fast, and cleanly decomplected condition / restart system in Clojure. It does not use exceptions and needs no global state at all. I think it can cover all Common Lisp condition/restart use cases, at least I haven't encountered any that it can't do.

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I just released a new library template. This `Library template` helps you to quick start new library project using and This `Library template` provides: • project control via `Justfile` (see and scripting using; • environment variables control using `direnv` utility; • editor configuration via `.editorconfig` file; • configured `clj-kondo` linter; • configured `cljstyle` formatter; • run tests using Project workflow:

mike@mbp02 just
List of available recipes
Available recipes:
    build              # Build deployable jar file of this project
    bump level='patch' # Bump version artifact in `version_id` file. Parameter should be one of: major, minor, patch, alpha, beta, rc, release.
    clean              # Clean target folder
    default            # Help
    deploy             # Deploy this library to Clojars
    format             # Format source code
    install            # Install deployable jar locally (requires the pom.xml file)
    lint               # Lint source code
    outdated           # Check for outdated dependencies
    repl               # Run Clojure repl
    requirements       # Install project requirements (OS will be detected automatically)
    test               # Run tests

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Hi Friends! I just released a new clojure SDK for interacting with the NuID Authentication API. I'd love feedback on the library if you get a chance to check it out 🙂 NuID provides a trustless authentication service using zero knowledge proofs to make it so you never have to store passwords again. We're built on clj/s and datomic and absolutely love this community. Source: Docs: Clojars: NuID Developer Portal:

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