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Darrick Wiebe14:02:51

Hi all, sorry to burst in with a problem, but I'm trying to push a repo and it's not being accepted. Is xn--lgc/pure-conditioning an invalid name? The error I'm getting is

Could not transfer artifact xn--lgc:pure-conditioning:jar:0.1.0 from/to clojars (): Failed to transfer file  with status code 401

Darrick Wiebe14:02:26

The name is because it's related to my domain:


It is being rejected because you are deploying with a password instead of a deploy token. See We used to be able to tell you that when the deploy failed, but can no longer due to Also, if this is a new group you are creating, I'd recommend using com.xn--lgc instead. We're going to soon move to requiring new groups to be reverse-domain based and verified, so doing so now would put you ahead of the game.

Darrick Wiebe15:02:42

Ok, thanks very much. I made a token and was surprised when lein deploy didn't ask me for it.