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Well... had to revert that release for now 😅. v2.0.176 has the reversion. There's an issue in the released version of the code with the interop between cljs and js that I need to figure out:

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Just noticed I have Auto Close Tag extension installed but can't remember why/when -- thoughts? Keep it, nix it? Looks like it is only relevant to HTML/XML so that's probably why I added it and I guess without it you have to close tags manually, so I guess I'll keep it.


One day, when I find a huge bag of time, I'll make paredit work with HTML/XML.


Hi! I used Calva for about. week now. Worked fine with refactorings, references search and other Clojure features for somedays, but last few days the message “Initializing clojure language features via clojure-lsp” is spinning in the bottom bar, and things like references search don’t work. I’ve tried restarting VS code and my mac. Any ideas?


See if using v2.0.173 makes a difference.


@pez Didn’t touch the extension config system yet, that was a pleasant experience. Unfortunately no luck, tried 2.0.172 and 2.0.173. I have a pretty new mac, how long does it normally take to initialize? 5 minutes now on 172


I should mention that I’m not using a REPL connection. But worked without it earlier.


It should be a matter of seconds, certainly below a minute.


And it is designed to be able to use w/o a REPL connection.


I think it might be a question where you can get help in the #lsp channel. I’ll be following the discussion and try to be of help if I can.

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@ingesol You can try removing the .lsp/sqlite.db file and re-open your project. Sometimes helps


Thanks, but no luck on that so far.


It would be nice if clojure-lsp the binary had some --doctor option which you could execute from the command line to see what it's doing exactly and what the status of things is. @ericdallo


That would be quite convenient for situations like this, to see if it's in LSP or if it's in the client side (Calva or lsp-mode)


@pez @borkdude Thanks for helping out! It turned out to be a StupidUserException after all, I suddenly remembered that I never actually got my custom clj-kondo hook to work, and it crashed the whole thing silently


Ah, yes. I had also forgotten about that you were experimenting with kondo hooks. We should probably add a troubleshooting section here:


@borkdude it'd be a good feature, but not sure what to check, most things LSP has that could be checked are received when server is initializing


@pez Right, in the troubleshooting section you could put:

rm -rf .lsp/sqlite.db
rm -rf .clj-kondo/.cache
mv .clj-kondo/config.edn .clj-kondo/config.backup.edn


The last line will disable the existing clj-kondo config (and thus all hooks as well), which sometimes can contain mistakes as well


I think clj-kondo prints an error if could not parse the config.edn correctly (hooks errors also?), if we bind the *out* we could probably log that to clojure-lsp log @borkdude?


yes, it prints it to *err* though, like all tools should do


Right, so that's probably not being caught as clojure-lsp is a process running in background, that's why we log to a custom file, I'll check if we can catch the *err* and log to the file instead 🙂


Makes sense :)

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Working 🙂


I’m happy and proud to be contributing to open source by providing examples of bad input 🙂 @borkdude @pez @ericdallo

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We're all just one big neural network helping each other out

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> one big happy neural network There, fixed it fer’ya. 😃

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