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Andrea Imparato09:02:23

Hi fellow clojurians! My team is looking for a senior fullstack developer, We’re based in Berlin. We use clojure, java and kotlin in our backend systems. The uis are built on react and typescript.

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How many Clojure developers in Austin, TX ?

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there's a #clojure-austin channel


Ah… thanks for the tip

mlimotte21:02:52 is seeking a Clojure developer (open to experience level) in Austin, TX. We are an early-stage, VC-backed startup using AI and data-driven development to make home renovation predictable. Think “Instant Kitchen” or “Instant Bathroom” through a touch-less, digital process. We’re using Clojure (of course), Clojurescript, Datomic, AWS and more. If you’re interested and to see more information, see:

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