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@pwojnowski I think the best way to do this is with service workers. Though forcing an update on the user would be a bad experience. I’ve seen people design a notification that lets them know there is a new version of the app and triggers a refresh/fetches the new version

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hi 0.11.0-rc3 (2019-11-20) this is the third release candidate is there a planned date when it will be released


Guessing they are waiting on a final release of Reagent 0.9.0.


i see, makes sense, thanks


Correct, there are still some reagent 0.9.0-rc3 issues being resolved in reagent itself.

Filipe Silva23:11:56

I'm trying to get a devcards/re-frame/testing-library setup going and running into some trouble with the timing of state changes

Filipe Silva23:11:47

specifically, my tests that verify certain elements are visible after a dispatch aren't necessarily getting the latest state

Filipe Silva23:11:52

I understand this is by design

Filipe Silva23:11:09

a dispatch will eventually be reflected on the ui

Filipe Silva23:11:49

for tests though, is there some recommendations on how one could sync things? like forcing ticks