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The Cloverage snapshot still seem to cause the problem. I get the warning with the following classpath by running java -cp ... clojure.main -e "(require '":



I'm now wondering if :refer-clojure :exclude and AOT actually work correctly together.


Should be easy to test, but I have to do something else now.


Depending on coverage goals, one could avoid the monroe shebang:

Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:11:45

clj, tools.deps.alpha 0.8.599 * TDEPS-143 - Fix: use aliases when generating pom with -Spom * TDEPS-127 - Add: include pom resource directories in dep paths in -Spom (thanks Miikka Koskinen) * TDEPS-140 - Add: support for Maven server HTTP header properties (thanks Arne Brasseur) * Fix: Use of multiple aliases in Windows clj script * Add -Strace for debugging dep expansion

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getting a weird error when attempting to use depstar to build an uberjar:

Execution error (FileAlreadyExistsException) at com.sun.nio.zipfs.ZipFileSystem/createDirectory (


I can’t tell if I’ve configured something incorrectly in intellij, if I’m missing an option in building the classpath, or something else entirely. not much is coming up when googling around about a META-INF related FileAlreadyExistsException


if people have a recommendation for tooling to use to build standalone jars, I’m all ears as well


interestingly, using depstar to build a slim jar and attempting to run that jar results in a Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile error


@mss I'm at Conj so I won't be able to look at that until next week but if you can put a repro case up on github and create an issue against depstar with a link to your repro case, that would really help

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You can't run a "slim jar" - you can only use that as a library (since it won't contain any dependencies).


Is there a supported approach for merging deps from a parent directory in a monorepo?


@jfntn At work we use the CLJ_CONFIG environment variable to point to the "master" deps file so that it gets combined with the subproject's deps file within our monorepo.


cd subproject
CLJ_CONFIG=.. clojure
(our master deps file is in ../versions not .. but the same principle applies)


Interesting but that would prevent using user defined aliases etc right?


Also how do you enforce the env var, do you have to use a makefile or some additional env tooling?


@jfntn Yes, a build shell script that runs clojure one or more times so we can have a single command run multiple tasks, all with CLJ_CONFIG set. And, yes, no user-defined aliases can interfere with our build process. Any developer tooling is available via aliases in that master deps.edn file.