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Yea thanks. Looks like what I was looking for isn't exactly possible, but I guess I should give it a shot


Please do. And if you know how your workflow could be better supported, please file issue. 😍


Dear Calva friends: I have been cooking on a change to how Paredit is implemented in the editor. It is starting to get finished and I need help to test things. • Here’s the latest VSIX for the branch: • Here’s the PR where you can read a bit more about the change: • Here’s an updated list of Paredit commands and their keyboard shortcuts: • Paredit now behaves much better, I would say. And it adds Raise Sexp, some more navigation commands and also a better Strict mode. @slipset might appreciate. 😃

🎉 4

Is the story with shadow-cljs better since I was last here?


Seems to still have trouble loading a namespace


After jack in. Load current namespace in the REPL window results in

Evaluating file: projects.cljs
No application has connected to the REPL server. Make sure your JS environment has loaded your compiled ClojureScript code.

No results from file evaluation. 


Does anyone want to help testing a Windows native version of clj-kondo?


@grounded_sage have you started your app?


Ah. When you asked me that I remembered it needs to connect to the browser. Often times I am going from a terminal started one to the jack-in. I often get into a weird state where I lose the repl, or need to restart and I'm not 100% sure what what state I am in inside Calva.


Sounds wrong to have both a terminal started thing and a jack-in. Use only the latter, is my recommend.