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mogge... WAH today.


*W*ork *A*t *H*ome? Morning


saves me quite a trip. (Gouda - Arnhem)


That's good, being able to work at home is quite a good skill


also: Mawnin'


Yes, also working from home, saving 3-4 hours in the train.


Any Windows users here? There is a new experimental Windows build of clj-kondo: Please give it a shot.


I have an ot question for you guys: a client of mine is asking to pay me using Bitcoins. My invoice (ZZP) is denominated in euros and I'd like to get them converted to fiat and sent it to my business bank account (Rabo). Does anybody here have any experience with that? I mean, i know how to technically do it, but is the bank going to block my account? Some banks in Italy do, for example


no ideas, sorry. Never dealt with BTC


Never heard of that but never dealt with cryptocurrencies in general.


maybe better to call to bank and to belanstingdienst?


I actually don’t think the bank can block you, but the belastingsdienst might be on your tail if there are transactions from LocalBitcoins or some ‘over the counter’ method. You just need to be very careful about your administration (note the conversion rate used and transaction from a broker that has KYC so they can trace you.) Using bitcoins is legal, but adminsitratively cumbersome. The government just wants to make sure they can tax you on it.


Just to clarify: I am not keeping it in bitcoins. The invoice is in euros, the money in my bank will be in euros.. it will use bitcoin as a vector of payment


similarly to what i have done in the past for GBP using transferwise: make an invoice in Euros using the official GBP-EUR rate from European Central Bank at the invoice date, get paid in GBP on Transferwise, convert them to EUR on transferwise, send the money to my business bank account in NL.


What I’ve done up till now is make it my clients problem. Someone has to do the conversion into bank account. If my client already has all the experience with bitcoin they can also do the conversion.


And if they don’t know how to do that they have no business trying to use bitcoin to pay me.


thanks @U09N5N31T 🙂 good point


As far as the belastindienst is concerned, i invoice in euros and get taxed on that 🙂


but yeah i guess it's not something that happens very often, yet. These are the pains of remote working and getting paid across several legislations 🙈


Then the bank and the belastingdienst never need to see that the transaction is in bitcoins right? So there should be some intermediate payment service that allows the client to pay in bitcoins and they handle the conversion for you. Something like this But yeah, I don’t have experience on this matter…


yeah the belastingdienst is not concerned, but the bank sees still a transaction incoming from a bitcoin exchange.. and i know that in italy just association with something crypto related warrants closure of your bank account, for some banks


they are like "hmmm money from a crypto exchange, it must be laundering", CLOSE!


@U0AD3JSHL i've used a lot with ABN and bunq, both for withdrawals and deposits, never had any problem


can never hurt to personally contact your bank about it, but i believe all that dutch banks are required to do is notify the tax agency of any transfer involving more than 20k


I’ve also used bitonic, only for small amounts so far. If you’re going to accept bitcoin then I recommend to be cautious of extreme fluctuations. You probably want to convert very quickly after receiving the BTC to avoid risks. And there is also the risk of the exchange: you need to trust the party doing the conversion for you; they can go bankrupt, get hacked, etc, And I would personally never trust another party with my private keys, so I would manage the BTC account myself, even when you are converting very quickly.


working from home is good, until it gets really boring. It's good to cycle home/<outside>/<some place with other devs>


at least that's what works better for me


some companies also allow you to count commute time as work time when it's in the train now


I'm doing the <coffee place>/home/<coffee place>/home cycle every day


And I used to work on the train when I worked at an office as well


every day, wow, that's a lot of down-time isn't it?


what do you mean down-time?


going from one to the other, brain reset between places too


I live pretty close to the center, only like 10 minutes


if you can't afford yourself a 10 minute break, I can't imagine how someone would be productive all day long


I guess it's all very personal/subjective. I do take breaks but I prefer to be in a place per day.


do you work remotely?


have been for ~10 years


I tried a bit of everything, from all the time outside (when weather allows), to coffee-shops, to all the time at home, office space, etc etc Now I like to vary, a bit like you I guess


I do at home one day a week and this is my first day. So far going well, but also had to pick up the kids from school as well.


I have the same kind 🙂