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Quil newbie here. How do I access the state of a Quil sketch from the REPL? I create a new project with lein new quil quiltest. I change the frame rate to 0.1 using (q/frame-rate 0.1) to slow things down. In cider I run (-main). Now, I want to find out what the state is. I tried adding (println "state:" state) in the draw function, but I get the following error error in process filter: nrepl--dispatch-response: [nREPL] No response handler with id nil found. Probably has something to do with how cider interacts with the stdout of the inferior clojure process. I then tried (q/state-atom) in the REPL buffer, but I get nil. Is there a way to inspect the state of the sketch. Ideally, from the REPL?


Should mention that this is Clojure (not Clojurescript) on a Mac with emacs/cider. In case it matters. Running the latest versions.