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Drew Verlee01:04:15

anyone know what is causing this?

➜  try-boot git:(master) ✗ boot -h
Exception in thread "main" Not a directory
	at Method)
	at Boot.install(
	at Boot.main(

Drew Verlee02:04:25

something todo with my ~/.boot files. I erased them and boot reset and now things are fine.

Drew Verlee02:04:55

fyi something must have changed with the path exceptions for boot home because the new install created: ~/.boot/profile.boot/ as where before it was ~/.boot. It makes docs like these: which talk about adding code to a file called profile.boot which is now setup as a dir, somewhat confusing


@drewverlee check your environment variables

Drew Verlee02:04:32


Drew Verlee03:04:49

is the boot_home causing the issue? I can’t recall setting it to that

Drew Verlee03:04:51

@seancorfield Given this build.boot

 :dependencies '[[seancorfield/boot-tools-deps "0.4.4"]
                 [adzerk/boot-test "1.2.0" :scope "test"]]
 :source-paths #{"test"})

 '[adzerk.boot-test :as boot-test]
 '[boot-tools-deps.core :refer [deps]])

(deftask test
  "Runs tests"
  (comp (deps :aliases [:test])
I get this unexpected error when running boot test => Could not find artifact org.clojure:tools.deps.alpha:jar:0.5417 in clojars ( The ST is much longer but i’m curious if you have any hints. I’m not sure i understand what the test example task is doing. The problem seems to be with (deps :aliases [:test]) which should be creating a list of aliases (or so i thought)… what that does wen comped with boot/test i dont understand


Yup, that's your problem. BOOT_HOME is meant to be an directory, not a file.


Oh rats, did I fat-finger the t.d.a. version? Thanks for spotting that.

Drew Verlee03:04:25

no idea. Do you want the full stack trace?

Drew Verlee03:04:18

Ill probably be offline tell morning. Let me know if i can help you… help me 🙂


Try the new 0.4.5 release of boot-tools-deps


I just fixed the typo

Drew Verlee03:04:57

That fixed it for me. Thanks!