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Hello all, I'm a CTO-turned-contractor with a lot of recent Clojure(script), Datomic, Onyx, and DevOps experience who's looking for work. I'm based in the UK, and have mainly worked remotely for the last five years, having built a remote team myself a while back. I've done a lot of web app development, data processing, distributed systems, and DevOps work recently. Comfortable with SQL and NoSQL databases, messaging systems like Kafka and RabbitMQ, ZooKeeper, Onyx etc. GitHub: LinkedIn: Please drop me an email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> or DM if you'd like to discuss working together!

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Hey all, I’m a software consultant with 8+ years experience working with startups and small teams. I’m located in SF but most of my clients are remote and I travel frequently. I have no issues going into an office and I wouldn’t be opposed to relocating to another area temporarily for a short/medium term project. I’ve helped with development in a number of industries and verticals, primarily web applications, integrations, software architecture, data design, deployments/devops and most recently engineering management. My experience is primarily in Python/Go/JS but I’ve been working with Clojure in a hobby capacity for a few years, and would be willing to take a rate discount in order to get some professional experience with the language and ecosystem on my CV. GitHub: LinkedIn: Instagram: If you want to discuss working together or just talk shop, travel, photography, scuba diving, motorcycles, etc. reach out in a PM or <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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