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design considerations aside, would there be any significant difference to the overall dev workflow/ease between baking-soda and soda-ash for ui components by @gadfly361? They look pretty similar, just wondering if there are any gotchas that are not immediately apparent.


@ajs really dependent on the underlying quality of the react components that are being wrapped. The semantic ui react components are solid. The react bootstrap ones are also pretty good .. I think the one with some gotchas is reactstrap


The gotchas are basically some dependency bs and cljsjs needing newer versions (.. enter discussion about shadow cljs haha 😂)


Semantic seems a bit more versatile from a design perspective. I also see you are more engaged with that repo.


@ajs definitely true, 250 downloads of baking-soda and 5,300 for soda-ash .. pay more attention bc that is the one that has been more adopted


@gadfly361 but what do you do about using react-pure? (joking, but at the same time not)


how does one deal with Cannot call a class as a function errors from adapted react classes in advanced compilation mode?


it seems from github issues this is a known problem but I couldn’t find any specific resolution for it


@mikerod I haven't used react-pure before .. I'd have to check it out, but looks interesting

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