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I also installed Atom because of the cool things shown in the talk, definitely appealing 😀


I had issues using Atom a while back, mostly because my machine was having other issues and it would crash in the middle of installing packages. And when that happened, node would simply break horribly and not be able to repair its own packages. Thankfully, haven't had issues since, and it's been a pretty pleasant ecosystem.


I'd like to welcome to all the new Proto REPL users. If you end up saying it's not for you and going back to emacs/Cursive/notepad I'd like to know why. What's the critical feature that you're missing or other problem? Or maybe it's not enough to go back but you feel like you're missing something.


I've never actually used emacs for code development so they probably have a few tricks I haven't seen.


@jasongilman i’d be very willing to jump on a screenshare with you and show you a handful SUPER userful things present in emacs / CIDER / clj-refactor which you may want to include. it’d be my answer to the question ‘what would make you go back?'


Could be a neat screencast in general. "Killer features to look for in emacs"


(Not to take Proto REPL's thunder 😄 )


Think a lot of us could use with demystifying emacs, even if we don't plan on using it directly.


i don’t mind making it a public hangout if someone wants to record it 🙂


@robert-stuttaford: That sounds great. Being able to ask questions and get quick answers via a hangout would be good. I'd also be able to talk about an alternative way that I accomplish particular tasks in Proto repl. I'm not sure yet when to do this. I'll have to get back to you on scheduling a good time for both of us. This week is busy and I'm traveling next week so it might not be for a little while.


totally no worries 🙂 i’m happy to do it whenever


@jasongilman: a public thank you for being so quick to fix the issue I raised (yesterday)!


Thanks to @carocad for the fix!


@jasongilman are you going to show how to set up do the sayid stuff you demoed at Clojure/conj?


I'm working on making it a real thing you can install and use from Proto REPL


@jasongilman Did you consider using cider-nrepl as middleware in proto-rep?


List of cider-nrepl features which could potentially help in providing new features in proto-repl:


.... and in cider documentation I found "Much of the middleware we developed for CIDER is editor-agnostic and is being used by other Clojure development environments as well (e.g. vim-fireplace & CCW)." so using it may be not a bad idea given the fact that it is actively maintained since 2013.


Is there a way to auto-reindent a line or a block of code? I'm guessing from a comment of @robert-stuttaford above that there isn't... but I'm hopeful 🙂


Yeah, the weird indentation on pasting code in is… frustrating… I thought I’d turned it off but was still getting odd behavior...


Bah! No, it was still turned on. NM.


@lspector Indentation should be setup correctly if you follow the instructions here


I rely on the lisp-paredit package to do it. I turn off every other option since I use parinfer. I have it setup to use a keystroke to reindent a whole block.


You have to setup the init file and keymap there.


Cmd-shift-i will reindent the top block.


Note I have that gist at a "prettier" URL