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I have always managed to afford Clojure/Conj. But I'd love to make it to a Clojure/West one day. I'll never afford EuroClojure though


@mitchelkuijpers I am going to shamelessly promote ClojureX in Dec in London...but I am a co-organiser.


@alexmiller I agree about hanging out in the hall...or the bar in our case! I had some really great 'robust' discussions with @krisajenkins about our slightly different approaches to design and modelling problems this year at ClojureX


This weekend we lost a wonderful speaker/teacher contributor to the community, and his family needs our help: He was much too young for this and I'm completely stunned.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:12:04

This is just the worst news


It seems such a short a time ago that so many people came together to help Anthony get to the first Conj 😢

Lone Ranger15:12:55

could easily see becoming a conj groupie, going con to con 😄 seems like such a good time! I'll have to see if I can get my company to expense being a conj groupie. Any of these things... I'm really embarassed to ask this because it's so trite but would help with my pitch... any of these things have more of an emphasis on AI/ML?


This is such a great community because Anthony's family was able to raise over seven grand in a day. I wish I had gotten to meet him in person or at least let him know the impact he was having without even knowing it. Like when I did career day at my kids' school, I always told the kids that it's never too early to start learning and would use Anthony's story as an example. When my nieces and nephews complained to me that they feel like they're going to be stuck in Alabama all their lives, I tell them of the story of a small town Alabama boy who made it out. He will still always be an inspiration because legends never die, but it just feels like a huge injustice to lose him so soon.