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I solved my react native problem a few days ago, thanks @balint


great @elais , if you can share the result!


The trick is to basically add another build target to project.clj called "windows" copying over everything over from iOS except calling it windows. Then create an identical "windows" subdirectory in the source once again copying from iOS's subdirectory. After that return to the root directory and type react-native windows which will generate a page and a visual studio solution, copy the contents from the index.ios.js page to the page and you should be g2g


react-native windows handles most of the hard work for you. At that point you can just do react-native run-windows and it should open the app for you.


I think I went wrong before because I pointed to the wrong directory in one of the the files


Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get some help doing a real deploy to an ipad with re-natal. What I'm trying right now is lein clean && re-natal use-figwheel && rlwrap lein prod-build then going into xcode and clicking "run" for the connected ipad. It starts up the React Packager, but the build step just sits on Running 1 of 1 custom shell scripts. Any one seen this before?


hey guys, are there any re-natal demo apps that work?


i tried this one and i get 2 errors in react-native when compiling


i'm totally lost -- could you please point me to something that works so i can get going? thank you!


let me guess there's no UIUserInterfaceIdiomCarPlay since i'm using an older version of XCode


works with XCode 8.1 👍