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@jamieorc: Thanks! It was a lot of work over the last year and a lot of work to make the presentation. I've been really pleased with the response. I hope to see more users and others building extensions in Atom.


Hey @jasongilman - just a shout out from another Clojurian in South Africa who loves using Proto REPL! Great product - thanks for all the hard work.


o7 @robert-stuttaford - yeah I'd also love to see clj-refactor integrated; probably a bit beyond my expertise but willing to help in some way...


@neil.clarke: That's something I'd like to do as well. It certainly seems possible to integrate that in and expose it through different actions in Atom. My current priorities are getting infinite/large sequences handled and Sayid integration.


@jasongilman I wish I was doing more clojure(script), but medium-to-long term it will happen. I’ve done significant work in Om and re-frame and decided I like Hoplon much better 🙂 I’ll bet it took a lot of work to make those plugins. I discovered yours after I decided to check out Atom again. Textmate is wanting and I’ve only ever put up with Emacs. BTW, Sayid looks way cool.


My biggest obstacle so far to testing all this is getting used to non-Emacs key bindings for basic navigation and editor operations… I hadn’t realized how deeply internalized Emacs keystrokes had become! 🙂


just remember all the repl things are Cmd+Alt+something 🙂


i still keep emacs open to re-indent code and use the threading shortcuts 🙈


by copying code back and forth


Is there an equivalent to C-c C-k (compile current file into the REPL)? I know I can do C-a C-M-, s but that literally sends the whole buffer as text into the REPL which is a bit messy...


Ah, “Display Executed Code in REPL” is probably what I’m looking for...


Hmm, when I uncheck that anything I type in the REPL reappears after I press shift-enter so I have to delete it in order to type something else...


(it suppresses display of executed code sent from the editor just fine, so that’s good!)


you can open settings -> keybindings and filter on “proto-repl” to see the keybindings


Oh, that might be a good option for me… thank you @tolitius !


sure, yea I am also just starting with atom. tried it with Elm first.. now with proto-repl it just too appealing not to try with Clojure 🙂