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I just upgraded to Portal version “0.26.0”, and now I’m getting this error — any tips on how to get things running again? I’ve tried upgrading IntelliJ to 2022.1, uninstalling and reinstalling Portal Inspector…. Thank you in advance for any tips! > (do > (def po (p/open {:launcher :intellij})) > (add-tap #’p/submit) > (tap> {:a 1})) > > Execution error (ConnectException) at ( > Connection refused


This fails with the error above.

(def po (p/open {:launcher :intellij}))
This works (web interface) — which I haven’t used in ages! But at least it works! 🎉
(def po (p/open))

Jordan Robinson08:06:20

hey Gene, afraid I can't be much help but just wanted to drop that I also upgraded to 0.26.0 and it seems to work okay for me so far. I'm on 2021.3.2, though. (btw, about halfway through the phoenix project now and really enjoying it 🙂)


@U6VPZS1EK just as a sanity check, did you also upgraded the lib version of portal to match?


Does the tab still appear? And have you tried focusing it before trying open?


Yeah, that's my best guess. The portal intellij extension hasn't initialized but you have an existing .portal/intellij.edn so the clj runtime is trying to connect to a server that is no longer running.


Super super! I’ll try it tonight or tomorrow, and will keep you posted — I’m incredibly motivated to get portal running again in IntelliJ. Running in a Chrome browser seems so 2021! 😆 (Yes, I upgraded to 0.26.0 in deps.edn.)

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Thanks for your help, all! @U066U8JQJ @U1G869VNV @UC3B7UJF2 (And thanks for kind words on TPP — and Unicorn Project bring Clojure front and center! 🙂


rm .portal did the trick! I took a cut a proposed doc change of diagnosing/fixing, and submitting PR now. THANK YOU!!! (Holy cow, the cljdocs site sure makes this easy to propose doc changes!!!)

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