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Alexis Vincent16:06:09

What are the conventions around committing directories in the .clj-kondo dir? Haven’t been able to find something discussing this


@mail024 The convention is to commit the configs for the projects you're using inside your project so nobody else has to repeat the installation and sees the same linting results

Alexis Vincent16:06:09

cool thanks. So add .clj-kondo, but ignore .cache?

Alexis Vincent16:06:24

is cache the only dir to ignore?


Yes - If you add .cache to gitignore it will work correctly for clojure-lsp too

Alexis Vincent16:06:02

cool thanks 🙏

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Alexis Vincent16:06:57

oh you mean .lsp is normally committed as well? just without cache?


yeah, .lsp supports a similar config.edn file and any temporary stuff goes into .cache

Alexis Vincent16:06:57

ah right, thanks