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This was just brought to my attention, pretty amazing even for a couple of days

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i should be ok to go for a run on the streets in the area near the conference venue, right? :man-running: (coming from South Africa, i've learned it's always good to check these things 😅 )


yes, I’d recommend running through Treptower Park & Plänterwald


lovely, thank you! i'm staying at Meininger which is right at the start of that route, so perfect. thanks Martin!

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Having been here for a day or two seems relatively safe to me.. I’ve been moving about the area (as a solo woman in an unfamiliar country without a working SIM card) during both day and night with a relative ease. If you go through the park, remember how to say no to drugs! 😵💫😂

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thank you Jordan! welcome to U-Rip!

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On that note myself and a few others have had issues getting international roaming to work. I have AT&T and they ASSURED me when I was in the states that it was going to work and it’s been a few days here in Europe now without a working phone. I am about to head to a shop around here to get a European Sim card pay-as-you-go plan. Just a heads up!!


This might help if your phone supports esims


Ugh. I rely on my phone in Berlin, so I really hope this isn't the case!


Official recommendation based on my hardship getting phone connectivity here. If you are having trouble I would say you find a Saturn store. It’s similar to a Best Buy from the states. A they are able to sell Sim cards AND activate them on site. They also carry all the major providers so it’s a best bet that at least one of the providers systems will work.


Posting this as an option in case it's useful: my in-laws have visited Europe twice this year and got one of the travel sims by orange. You can get an esim even before you arrive and recharge as needed. I know there are cheaper options in Germany but these allow you to roam across europe too, if that's something you might need. I think they went with the pack for €20 that gave them data, calls, and SMS


They used it in Italy and France


BTW I arrive late Thursday night. Coming by train via Karlsruhe. I head back to Lyon Monday.


To add to what Jordan is saying, I spent two hours on Sunday in the one post office that was open to help someone get their sim activated. In the end we bought a second sim and registered it in my name. It then started working 36 hours later. Don't buy a sim unless they are able to check your id and activate it on site immediately, as is apparently the case with Saturn. You would expect that the operator flagship stores can do it, but Jordan actually went to one and their systems were down so YMMV... Welcome to Germany!

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If you're coming from another EU country, even just transiting, it might be easier to get a sim there. There are no roaming charges within the EU so it will work exactly the same here.

Hans Conrad10:06:45

Fwiw coming from the states. I got Verizon and my phone seems to work just fine


I had AT&T fwiw


YMMV. We're both on AT&T and it's working for us. But my family members have traveled overseas several times before


Correction: my son did not have access until he entered his iPhone settings and enabled roaming!


Yeah I think it has to do with the kind of SIM card that I had bc of my specific plan (a solo prepaid acct). The helpline didn’t know why it wasn’t working but after multiple hours fiddling with roaming settings and doing reset loops when I got issued a Zenhub ticket number I knew it was time to fold.