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Anyone ever have this pop up in Emacs when doing Clojure? Sometimes I do something (idk what) and suddenly it constantly pops up when I’m typing and I’m not sure what it is? Entering input into it doesn’t seem to do anything? And the only way to get rid of it seems to be to kill CIDER and restart or restart Emacs. I have no idea what triggers this mode or what it’s called or anything, but it’s frustrating. Anyone know what it is, how to stop or, or how to use it?


you can find Lisp expression a few times in the cider issue tracker, hopefully that will hint what could be wrong


Thanks, I’ll take a look

Carsten Behring20:06:13

I have that as well quite often. Did not realy find a solution. Looking for any solution

Carsten Behring20:06:36

I "think" it is related to "lispy mode" which interacts as well with a Clojure session or similar. Very annoying.