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Conjure sets these keybindings for fennel files, but i cannot find any reference to these in the documentation or code. Does anyone know how to unbind these?


I think :let g:conjure#mapping#prefix = v:false should disable the mappings. If you want to disable some of them or just remap checkout docs :h conjure-configuration


The problem is that i want to disable just these mappings, but :h conjure-configuration does not mention them anywhere (that i can see)


I've tried :let g:conjure#mapping#prefix = v:false it removes the mappings but it is not documented. Not sure if is intended usage or I've just broke the mapping logic


I'm not sure either. But it wont fix my problems anyways, is i want to keep other mappings set by conjure


Oh, I misunderstood you, thought you want all of them. The :h conjure-client-fennel-aniseed-configuration has list of all fennel specific mappings you can disable them one by one for example to unmap the ,rr you can :let g:conjure#client#fennel#aniseed#mapping#reset_repl = v:false


Thanks, i was only looking for these mappings under fennel and not under aniseed:)