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As my personal code garden is growing, I have started to use sub namespaces in my development directory. They basically record different approaches and mini tutorials (quasi) as repl sessions. They are a nice stepping stone before writing components and I can jump back into a topic more quickly!

polylith 2

I’m just getting started with Polylith, so I’m wondering if there’s such a thing as a multilingual (e.g. mixed CLJ and Python) Polylith repo.


Probably not. The poly tool only supports .clj but Polylith as a concept applies to all languages -- but you won't get checking and incremental testing support etc in other languages.


kind of what I figured. but as I said, still getting my feet wet and learning the tooling.


does that exclude .cljs too?


No, .cljs is not supported by the poly tool.


tbh three monorepos would be better than our current “structure” lol


A workspace can also be created another monorepo, which can be useful sometimes.


If your not aware there is also no idea if you would be able to use one monorepo and both tools in the same repo.

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Do you suppor having the workspace not living at the root of the repository, but instead as a sub directory @U018VMC8T0W?

David Vujic09:03:43

That should work!

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David Vujic09:03:18

The Python tooling is only aware of one workspace currently, so you would have to navigate into that workspace to use the tool, though.


that might work …. I’ll give it a go!