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Tuomas-Matti Soikkeli12:03:30

I have evaluated large objects to repl output which doesn’t format properly if I have pprint enabled. I suspect that it is because I have some clj-time values around. For example:

{:time #clj-time/date-time "2020-12-08T16:31:00.000Z"}
Is there something I could do to make pretty printing work?


You can try some different pretty printers. And maybe try client side pretty printing...


What I sometimes do is that I switch over to the output window and issue the command: Calva: Replace Current Form (or Selection) with Pretty Printed Form. This works because the last result is the current form.

Tuomas-Matti Soikkeli12:03:47

thanks for the tips, I will try the different printEngine’s 👍

Michael W14:03:30

I have moved to using and tap> for that instead of printing in the repl. Portal has vscode integration as well, though I use it stand-alone in a seperate window on a 4k monitor so I can have side-by-side windows.

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