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@bozhidar - your comments in code are gold. I wish more of us develop this discipline and clarity of thought. I was looking at and beautifully illustrates a quirk in reading bytes in Java that code by itself would never convey. Your comments are often there to explain your motivation and rationalisations. I’d rather take code with great comments than code with 100% test coverage. Thanks a lot.

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I can't take credit for those particular comments, as they were written by Meikel Brandmeyer. 🙂 But I totally agree with your assessment of their beauty and usefulness.

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wow! that is so awesome, I want to try writing code like that too


It reads like a literate program!


@bozhidar - ah. A git blame was in order perhaps, but my point still remains. I’ve seen you talk about this a few times

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Is Meikel on this slack? Maybe worth tagging them if so (I don't see any active obviously-correct username).