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Hi clojurians, I'm Richard from the Gold Coast in Australia. I've been a developer for about 35 years. Mostly I have worked with C#, although many years ago I worked with Assembler, C++ and Forth. My most recent job was in robotics, developing systems for manufacturing steel structures with robots. About two years ago I became interested in Clojure and started to study it in my spare time. I watched a bunch of Rich Hickey's videos, read several books, and worked through many of Eric Normand's training courses. I just love the way it simplifies complexity, minimizes the amount of code that needs to be written and the number of bugs. Also I love the supportive community behind it. Recently I needed a change so I chucked in my job and went traveling for a while. Now I am back home and have had the luxury of spending the last few months studying Clojure. I completed two of Jack Schae's training courses, on reagent and react, and I have completed 64 of the 84 exercises on Exercism (all the easy ones ha ha). I feel like I now know enough Clojure to be useful. I'm continuing my studies but I'm now also on the lookout for a job, remote, either full time or part time or contract.

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