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Not sure if you ever made that discord @raymcdermott but figured may as well ask here. Creators: What do ya’ll use to edit your audio? Specifically cutting out the “ohs” and “uhms” and those accidental times of talking over one another? I have been using kdenlive (for video and audio editing) bc my desktop is linux mint with a radeon gpu (for some reason certain programs like Davinci seem to want an nvidia card :woman-shrugging:) However a coworker has recently lent me a 2015 mac laptop and it has occurred to me I may have access to a better suite of tools now. Any recs? It would really be great if I could optimize post processing so I could produce higher quality content at a faster rate 🙂 Thanks!


I mostly use Logic Pro X to do my editing (not that I do much...)


We used Audacity to do any editing. Never paid much attention to ohs and uhms, but did use it to cut out bloopers or trim up the beginning and end.


@U0510902N I was sure those puns were audio-enhanced, just natural golden delivery I guess!


hahahaha, years of torturing practice on my friends

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What's the bigger sin? Punning or encouraging punsters? simple_smile I'm asking for a friend.


Hahaha. I plead the 5th.


Here is the Discord server

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