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Need tips for buying a 3D printer. Software dev is wonderful. However I sometimes also get ideas about physical things. And watching videos like this I see how my love for software development can reach out into the physical world. Anyway. Something for prototyping, that is not too crude, so I can get a feeling for the “finished” product. But also something for a beginner who don’t know yet if this is a thing for me, so not super high end. Any ideas?

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Bobbi Towers13:10:49

That was my pandemic project. I went with an Ender 3 kit because someone said it would be doubly satisfying to build the printer itself, and I'm very glad that I did. Upgrading to a glass bed was well worth it. Do follow this path! Learning to 3D model (especially in Clojure with scad-clj) has been the single biggest catalyst for solidifying my understanding of how my code translates to physical reality.

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Also came here to mention scad-clj, but I see it's in that video 🙂

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I’ll write my letter to Santa right away! 😃


For now, I found out one of my friends have a printer and really knows how to operate it, so I’ll be sending scad files to him. 😃 I love the idea of “drawing” with Clojure!


Damn, that's a cool video! 👏😎


Yeah, I got reminded about it today when I was thinking about a thing that I want to 3D print. It’s perfect with that soundtrack to go with the Interactive Programming.

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I'm looking at getting a Creality Resin printer


😄 scad-clj looks coo


It’s very sparsely documented though. Maybe we should have a #scad-clj channel to help each other? Yes we should. 😃


I also got a 3d printer right before the start of our first lockdown. I went for a, which is more towards the high-end than an Ender 3, but not super high-end like an Ultimaker printer. I'd definitely recommend the Prusa if you've got a bit more budget. I also definitely agree with @U8LB00QMD that building the printer itself is very satisfying, and made it much easier to know where to look and what to tinker with when little things went wrong. I've not done much 3D modelling, but what I have done has been with the free version of Fusion360, which has been great for the all the simple things I've needed to create. scad-clj looks really interesting though - definitely going to give that a try!

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Chris McCormick12:11:34

Annecdote: I had a monoprice mp select mini v2 and after a year or two the heat bed began to warp so prints would not adhere. After some research I found this is a common problem for this model. I upgraded it by adding a glass layer, but then the heat bed stopped working entirely. So bought a new printer the Crealty Ender 5 which has been excellent. It has a much larger print area and doesn't require as much fiddling.

Chris McCormick12:11:51

Haven't used scad-clj but used scad to make this:


@U01SX4U5LUA that printer looks like something I’d like, and I think Santa has the budget 😃 Any extra stuff you think I’ll end up wanting if I go that way?


Is there a channel for pep-talks and/or cold showers for Clojure library ideas / prototypes?

Ben Sless19:10:28

#code-reviews ?

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there's also #architecture for higher-level design discussion


Not sure if there's an even higher level discussion on "should this library exist?". That would be cool


Yep, good shout on those two 🙂, agree for those of us trying to push the boundaries it'd be great to have sounding boards!


> Not sure if there's an even higher level discussion on "should this library exist?" #find-my-lib in that direction


Cheers all, posted in #find-my-lib as I felt that was best fit tbh:

Mateusz Mazurczak09:10:27

I think #architecture is a dead channel