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Good Morning!


morning lovely people... did everyone have a good weekend?


morning. I did. Did you @thomas?


I did... I managed to get something working I first started about 10 years...


cool. Anything you can share?


This is ray-traced Lego... and I I started on this model a loooong time ago. But I was never able to figure out how the two arms could move and calculate the angle of the top part correctly.

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turned out I had the solution all long, just didn't understand what the variables ment.


ps. this is made in Povray. so all typed.


oh, and for the Lego nerds among you this is set 6541.

Rachel Westmacott08:10:24

I think we had that set as kids!


not jealous at all what so ever!!!!!


Morsning, korsning! I don’t know how intensely you follow my Calva Twitter updates. 😃

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There’s also a tweet about ClojureDocs example surfing via Rich Comments.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:10:29

Niiice! ClojureDocs integration is indispensable to me in Curisve, great seeing it in Calva!

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Good morning European and other friends. Wrote a blog post on how I replaced my Octopress blog with 200 lines of #babashka

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:10:34

I have used markdown for a long time but found using it for blogging about code insufficient and frustrating. I find AsciiDoctor equally simple but much more powerful and convenient for the types of things I write. I just wanted to bring that to your attention though of course YMMV 🙂


@U0522TWDA Good point. I have the flexibility now to support asciidoc if I want. I am using asciidoctor babashka book for example

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:10:45

Directly via the java lib I assume, since bootleg does not support it, if I remember right?


I use the asciidoctor CLI in babashka book

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)10:10:20

My last rewrite was from Gatsby.js to #cryogen and I have never looked back 🙂 Fewer bells but far simpler and easier to customize, plus asciidoc. So I understand the pleasure of getting rid of Octopress 🙂


I also have a watch script which automatically refreshes a browser:


perhaps we can ask if bootleg adds asciidoc but isn't the core of this still implemented in JS or Ruby or so?


omg it uses jruby...


probably a no-go for bootleg


if there will be a good go or rust implementation of asciidoc(tor) then I can make a bespoke pod for it


it seems there is work going on to bring it to haskell. that will also be a suitable pod target

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